How to Unlock Your Creative Intelligence

When you watch documentaries of successful creatives, the main focus is usually a detailed look at their creative process. We are usually given a good look at the thought process behind their most successful work but also what are their daily routines and environment. These creatives are usually very aware of how they like to work. Being successful requires a hard look at what works for you and what doesn’t.

Creative intelligence is the awareness of our capabilities, process, worldview, inspiration and motivation to be our most productive and creative selves.

Here are eight tips to access and unlock your creative intelligence:

1 | Look for patterns and creative cul-de-sacs.

You must become of aware of the correlations between when you are productive and when you aren’t. A creative cul-de-sac is when you find yourself thinking about the same problem or challenge in a circular way; maybe you have already written down some possible solutions or ideas but you forget them and keep coming back to the problem, usually as a form of procrastination.

As entrepreneurs, we have to juggle many issues at once. You have to be able to zoom out from a reoccuring challenge and realize it needs to be solved but be able to move on to other things in the meantime.

2 | Take note of your strengths and weaknesses using your energy as a guide.

So we like to define strengths and weaknesses as, “tasks that make you feel strong” and “tasks that make you feel weak”. For example, we’re talking about physically feeling tired and drained when you have to write or discuss certain topics. A strength example would be noticing you feel confident and strong when you have to teach someone something you know very well.

Take a week and literally write down what you are doing when you feel weakest and when you feel strongest. You can’t act on maximizing or compensating for these areas if you don’t know what they are.

3 | Find the common thread in your successes.

You can create a Victory Log to write down all of your proudest moments. If you can find the common thread in your life when you achieved the most for yourself, this will really help you create your unique brand philosophy.

4 | Make strong commitments.

Many creatives use various mediums of expression as they build their creative body of work. However, if you want to provide creativity as a service, you must be able to communicate your value to someone else. If you are unsure what path to commit to, ponder this: What could you commit to being the best at in the world?  Too broad? You get to narrow it down to where you feel confident. You can create your own lane where you are the only expert. Your career path will then open up right before you. You have work to do!

5 | What are your non-negotiables?

Do you need a certain type of music? Bright light? Complete silence? Morning or night? Put your foot down when it comes to creating the environment you need to be productive. This is your job and you have to take it seriously and create the habits that will get your creativity flowing.

6 | Acknowledge your self-sabotage.

Unfortunately, sometimes we are our own worst enemies and critics. If you have a tendency to talk down to yourself, you would greatly benefit from reprogramming your subconscious thoughts using positive affirmations.

“The man who believes the home he is building may house the devil someday will soon put away his tools.”

How will you need to speak to yourself to get the best of out you? Be your own best friend. Reward your inner child with praise and acknowledgement when you do a good job.

8 | To be successful, you must find a cure for any financial anxiety.

We all have a money story. Subconscious ideas we learned about money from our parents and our childhood.

Money is the root of all evil…
I can’t raise my prices because people can’t afford it… 
Rich people are greedy and selfish…
I never have enough money…

It’s important for us to acknowledge these ideas, and reprogram our thoughts with beliefs that will support our success. What thoughts about money are blocking your flow? Here are some successful money mindsets to master:

People love to pay me for what I most enjoy doing and for the value I create.
The more I make, the more value I can create by investing in systems, technology, and people.
Money is a marker that I’m doing the right thing.
Money comes to me in unforeseen ways.
I now have more money than I need to do everything I want to do.

Remember, affirmations must be spoken in the present tense for you to resonate with the good energy and successfully reprogram your thoughts.

I hope these eight tips can give you more insight on your path to knowing what you are good at, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, why you are unique, why you do the work you do, what will be your body of work and how you like to work with people. All of these things need to be nailed down for you to craft a really strong brand philosophy.

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About the Author

Georgianna Pinto is the CEO and Creative Director of ARIENNE. After being a freelance web developer for over 10 years, Georgianna has expanded ARIENNE into a lifestyle brand that is dedicated to being educational, inspirational and supportive for freelancers. As a multi-passionate creative, Georgianna knows first-hand how daunting it is to to quit playing small and expand your brand. Georgianna is passionate about pushing others past their comfort zones and seeing the beauty in your chaos.