Trying to combine your passions and choose a niche feels impossible and you’re afraid of feeling limited or one-dimensional…

It’s usually easier for you to envision ideas for other people than to execute your own…

It’s hard to describe what you do without going on and on…

You keep re-designing your website over and over…

You’re worried about changing your mind for a better idea later…

You keep bouncing between unfinished projects… 

You’re just not inspired anymore…


Many multi-passionate entrepreneurs have incredible trouble combining their interests or picking just one idea to focus on.

Listen up: forget about defining your brand by a niche or what you do or sell.

Instead, you can be successful based on what you believe about your work and the vibe or style that you bring to everything you do.

You can change lives by just being who you truly are.

A lifestyle brand is a hybrid business model that combines the passions, skills, values, and beliefs of the founder(s) into a unique brand philosophy and/or a defined brand aesthetic to resonate with its audience.

Creating a lifestyle brand is an incredible way to use the products and services you offer as unlimited mediums of expression, rather than restrictive categories.

Your brand philosophy and visual aesthetic become your self-selected guidelines, the golden thread that keeps everything cohesive and relatable.

We believe that creating a lifestyle brand is the best way to combine your creative passions and create a business that is purpose-driven and authentic.

Let’s get into the three most important things to remember when crafting your Lifestyle Brand Plan.

01. People
02. Process
03. Profit

These are tried-and-true tips to save you tons of frustration trying to get clear about what you do and why you are unique.


Your Values

Creative people struggle with branding because it’s so personal and choosing one business idea or niche just feels like you are limiting yourself.

When someone asks what you do, you probably go on to list a few things to keep yourself open to new possibilities and opportunities and show that you are a multi-passionate, interesting, creative person.

But if you asked yourself:

What could you commit to being the best at in the world? 

Now, in this case, you might ponder your answer a little longer and choose very carefully. The good news is that by combining your unique passions into a lifestyle brand, you can actually create your own lane where you are your only competition. No one else has your unique combination of skills and talents.

By aligning your brand values with your personal values, you have a better chance of sticking with your business ideas. 

If you wrote down all of your proudest moments, can you find the common thread when you achieved the most for yourself?

What quotes or advice have been meaningful to you in the past? 

Chances are, you already have a certain motto or mantra that you live by.

Your Market

When we are really clear on who we’d love to help, it’s so much easier to create, communicate, promote and sell great offers that connect with them directly. Most people see this as a huge challenge but it doesn’t have to be.

A unique brand philosophy describes what you do, how you do it and for whom, in a way that your customer can understand and resonate with.

What kinds of people do you like in real life?

Remember that list of ideal traits you look for when you’re dating? What do you look for in a friend? You can make a similar list for your target market. You get to choose whatever you want!

What would the world look like if you worked with everyone who needed you?

While you can spend time thinking about your target market, the best time you will spend is with potential customers. If you haven’t already, find a way to actually speak to people in your audience.

The best thing about doing this is that you can use these insights directly in your marketing. Your brand philosophy and marketing messages will write themselves because you can adapt the same language given to you by your market.

Your Team

Further, by getting clear on your personal strengths and weaknesses, not only will you know how to best serve your market, you will also be more clear about how you will grow your team to compliment you.

Many entrepreneurs start out doing everything in their business, but this is the fastest way to overwork yourself and burn out.

Knowing what you do love to do is essential, but admitting what you don’t love to do is equally as important.

Asking yourself all the right questions will really help you create your unique lifestyle brand philosophy. This is your opportunity to infuse your own values into your brand, not just for others to get on board, but also to make sure that you can really live your message and be creative in a way that feels authentic.

What are you all about?


Often when you see documentaries of successful creatives, the main focus is a detailed look at their creative process.

We are given a good look at the thought process behind their most successful work but also what are their daily routines and environment.

These creatives are usually very aware of how they like to work. Being successful requires a being honest about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Creative intelligence is the awareness of our capabilities, process, worldview, inspiration and motivation to be our most productive and creative selves.

Identify clear phases for delivering your products or services and ongoing content strategy to fill your sales funnel in a way that aligns with your brand philosophy.

When you know your process is solid, you will have more confidence selling the results you know you can produce.

An organized process gives your potential clients and customers a sense of confidence that you’ve got their back.


The design process can be daunting to undertake for yourself, even if you are a professional.

Especially if you are a creative (which is counterintuitive), because we tend to just fast-forward to designing the things, instead of getting clear on why we are making the things and who the things are for.

Creating a defined and recognizable aesthetic is a great way to unify your offerings.

An aesthetic is a direct visual representation of your brand philosophy, values, voice/tone, personality, vibe and the physical and emotional benefits to your customer.

Your aesthetic includes your logo, colors, fonts, graphics, photos, and content strategy.

Following a clear design process will save you tons of time and frustration and ensure that you are totally happy with launching your final product.

Otherwise, you can end up re-designing your materials over and over, never feeling finished – ready to launch and proud of what you’ve created.

What will your lifestyle business allow you to do?

A lifestyle business is not just about making money. Say for example, your goal is to hit six figures per year in revenue, so that means you must make around $8-9K per month. How many clients or customers does that represent? How many hours will you have to work to make that much? Should you raise your prices?

Work backwards from your ideal lifestyle and the freedom you wish to have in your life. Once you know your lifestyle goals, you will be able to get a handle on what it will take to get there.

Creating a positive wealth consciousness and believing that you can have a thriving business is actually the first step to having a profitable business.

Many people have subconscious beliefs and fears about money and success that block them from learning to love sales and marketing.

You have to truly believe there are more than enough opportunities available to you out there.

Analyze your business model to see where you can diversify your revenue streams, reduce overhead, and create more value.

By creating your own personal idea of what success means to you while providing value to others, you will ensure that you enjoy the fulfillment from achieving the business and lifestyle you truly desire.

A Lifestyle Brand Plan will give you the solid foundation to seamlessly execute your marketing ideas, launch new products and services and build your ideal audience with a brand you can truly believe in.

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