ARIENNE was founded because we wanted to be more than just freelance web designers.

We wanted to expand into something more inspirational, educational, and supportive. But in the early days, we struggled to get our new business model off of the back burner and create a consistent online presence.

Over the years, we’ve learned that success is subjective. Ideas may come and go but your core values will always keep you going. And there are no shortcuts! Sometime you have to just listen to your heart and take your own advice.

Combine Your Passions

A lifestyle brand is a hybrid business model that combines the passions, skills, values, and beliefs of the founder(s) into a unique brand philosophy and/or a defined brand aesthetic to resonate with its audience.

Many entrepreneurs have trouble narrowing down their interests to create a brand that feels cohesive but not one-dimensional. We encourage our clients not to focus on defining your brand by what you do or sell but to attract an audience based on your unique brand philosophy.

A unique brand philosophy describes what you do, how you do it and for whom, in a way that your customer can understand and resonate with. 

Download our free branding workbook to get started combining your passions and crafting your unique brand philosophy.


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